Conclave 2

Guests of Honour

We're pleased to announce that Dave Freer, Lyn McConchie, and Paul Scoones will be attending Conclave 2 as our Guests of Honour.

Dave Freer

Dave Freer is an ex-South African Ichthyologist turned author because he'd heard the spelling requirements were simpler. They lied. He now lives on Flinders Island in the Bass Strait (between Tasmania and Australia) with his wife and chief proof reader, Barbara, two dogs and three cats. He blames his history of extraordinary spelling on an Old English Sheepdog nose, or the cat/s on his lap.

He's has written some 15 novels for Baen Books, co-authoring some with Eric Flint and Mercedes Lackey, some of which ended up on best-seller lists. He's also written two YA novels for Pyr Books. He's also published a slew of shorter fiction. He was also the artistic director for JBU.

Besides working as a Fisheries Scientist for the Western Cape shark fishery, running a couple of fish farms, he has worked as a dad, commercial diver, and as a relief chef at several luxury game lodges. Yes: he can both cook and change nappies. He spent two years as conscripted soldier along the way, so he can iron too. His interests are self-sufficiency, rock climbing, cray diving, fishing, wine tasting and the preparation of food, especially by traditional means.

Lyn McConchie

Lyn McConchie is an author from New Zealand, who writes in a range of genres: science fiction, fantasy, horror, humour, mystery, and westerns. She was crippled in an accident in 1977 and forced to take medical retirement in 1988. She now owns and runs a small farm in New Zealand, where she breeds coloured sheep and tends her free range geese and hens.

Born April 3rd 1946, Lyn is a long-time member of NZ SF fandom. She became a professional writer in 1991 with sales in that year to USA markets MZB’s Fantasy Magazine and Strange Plasma. Since then she has had a vast number of short stories published in at least six countries, in both print and electronic magazines; 31 books have appeared and others have been sold; and several books have been translated and republished in Russian and Polish while one of her stories got as far as appearing (illegally) in Catalonian Spanish.

Lyn continues to write and her credits include poetry and articles published in several countries, in addition to the books and short stories. She is a cat lover and the associate of Thunder, an ocicat who shares her home and life along with her personal library of some 7,500 volumes.

Paul Scoones

Paul Scoones is both a professional writer and a fan.

He works on the BBC’s Doctor Who DVDs, documenting behind-the-scenes information for the production subtitles features. Paul’s work appears as on The Awakening, Frontios, Planet of Fire, Dragonfire, Scream of the Shalka, and the ‘special edition’ reissues of Resurrection of the Daleks, The Caves of Androzani and Vengeance on Varos.

As well as researching the television series, Paul has also made a detailed study of the early history of Doctor Who in comic strips. He has written a book on the subject, The Comic Strip Companion: 1964-1979, released in 2012 by Telos Publishing. Starburst magazine called the book “extraordinary and impressive... an exhaustive analysis of a rather large piece of Doctor Who history which has gone unrecorded for far too long.” A second volume is currently in preparation.

Paul helped discover a film of a lost Doctor Who episode, The Lion (episode 1 of The Crusade) and arranged its return to the BBC in 1999. He has been interviewed on several Doctor Who DVDs, discussing finding a lost episode and commenting on the comic strips. He has had articles published in Doctor Who Magazine, In-Vision, The Handbook, Talkback, Shooty Dog Thing, and Behind the Sofa.

As a fan, Paul established and edited the internationally acclaimed and award-winning Doctor Who fanzine Time Space Visualiser, producing most of the title’s 76 issues and various additional specials.

Paul lives in Auckland, New Zealand, with his wife Rochelle and their three cats. When he isn’t writing he helps Rochelle run Retrospace, a science fiction collectibles store based in Takapuna, Auckland. He can be found online at

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