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10amWriters’ SeminarFurther details to come. Numbers are limited; advance signup required!
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1pmLunch break
2pmFree time and Board GamesFree time and Board GamesWriters’ Seminar (cont)Continuing from the morning's session.
5pmRoom PreparationMy First ConIf you've never been to a NatCon before, find out what it's all about.
7pmThe Opening CeremonyThe convention officially begins
8pmThe Floating MarketBuy or sell all kinds of SF/F merchandise. Book a table.
10pmThe Late ShowThe Late Show


4:30amANZAC ServiceMeet in car park to drive to the ANZAC service at the War Memorial Museum
8amBreakfast break
9amVideo Show - SF War StoriesVideo Show - SF War StoriesPanel Discussion - The Mainstreaming of SFPanel Discussion - The Mainstreaming of SFGame - ModelanaryGame - Modelanary
10amPresentation - Don't Mention The .... (War in SF)Presentation - Don't Mention The .... (War in SF)Presentation - Once Upon A WorldconPresentation - Once Upon A WorldconArt - Drawing WeaponsArt - Drawing Weapons
11amPanel - Shooting Yourself in the FootPanel - Shooting Yourself in the FootPresentation - Under An Orange SkyPresentation - Under An Orange SkyBoard Games - How To Be A MunchkinBoard Games - How To Be A Munchkin
12pmThe QuizTest your SF/F knowledge in small teamsCollaborating on SFCollaborating on SFLearn MunchkinLearn to play Munchkin, the popular humorous card game from Steve Jackson Games; there will be time to play with some free giveaways supplied and sponsored by SJG.
1pmLunch break
2pmPresentation - What's Up at WETAPresentation - What's Up at WETAPanel Discussion - How To ReviewPanel Discussion - How To ReviewWorkshop - Geekcraft OneWorkshop - Geekcraft One
3pmGoH Speech: Paul ScoonesPaul Scoones speaksPanel Discussion - Forgotten FuturesPanel Discussion - Forgotten FuturesWorkshop - Geekcraft TwoWorkshop - Geekcraft Two
4pmPanel - The Pasts and Futures of Doctor WhoPanel - The Pasts and Futures of Doctor WhoPresentation - Feeding Your CharactersPresentation - Feeding Your CharactersPresentation - How To CosplayPresentation - How To Cosplay
5pmPresentation - Out TherePresentation - Out TherePanel Discussion - Finishing ItPanel Discussion - Finishing ItWorkshop - Scratch CostumingWorkshop - Scratch Costuming
7:30pmMasquerade and Cosplay - "Tomorrow When The War Began"Show off your costumes! Theme: "Tomorrow when the War Began"
9:30pmThe Late ShowThe Late ShowFilkingFilking


9amVideo Show - Cats and More CatsVideo Show - Cats and More CatsPresentation - How To Mine Bit-CoinsPresentation - How To Mine Bit-CoinsGeek Origami WorkshopGeek Origami Workshop
10amPanel - Cats Rule The MultiversePanel - Cats Rule The MultiverseProfessional Panel - The Bechdel Test in SF & FantasyProfessional Panel - The Bechdel Test in SF & Fantasy
11amGoH Speech: Lyn McConchieLyn McConchie speaksDemonstration Board GamesDemonstration Board Games
12pmThe AuctionBuy stuff!Panel Discussion - Rivers Don't Flow UphillPanel Discussion - Rivers Don't Flow Uphill
1pmLunch break
2pmPanel - SF Series Sieriously SoughtPanel - SF Series Sieriously SoughtBook Launch - Lost at the Museum (+ submissions open)Book Launch - Lost at the Museum (+ submissions open)Lego Play ZoneLego Play Zone
3pmGoH Speech: Dave FreerDave Freer speaks
4pmGoH Panel - How Writers Do ItGoH Panel - How Writers Do ItPanel Game - Just An SF MinutePanel Game - Just An SF MinuteLego CompetitionLego Competition
5pmPresentation - Getting TherePresentation - Getting TherePresentation - Creating Baby TeethPresentation - Creating Baby TeethLego JudgingLego Judging
7:30pmThe BanquetA BBQ Banquet at $35 per person. Numbers are limited; advance signup required!
8:30pmThe Sir Julius Vogel AwardsFind out who wins!
10pmThe Late ShowThe Late ShowFilkingFilking


9amPresentation - NZ in 2020Presentation - NZ in 2020Sunday Morning ToonsSunday Morning Toons(not used)
10amSFFANZ AGMThe Annual General Meeting of SFFANZGoH MeetupGoH Meetup
11am2016 NatCon BidsBids from any committees wanting to run the 2016 NatCon are presented and voted on
12pmThe Closing CeremonyThe con is over
1pmDead Dog PartyDead Dog Party
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